When we have faith in angels, they do deliver.
— Kyle Gray

Angel Card Readings:

Why book with ask the Angels?

I feel very strongly about working with the Angels and our Guides through using Angel / Oracle Cards and Holistic Therapies as an important support with our journeys.  I use the Cards, intuition; along with any guidance and support I feel will aid your journey.  I am gentle and kind, but honest in my approach.   Being open and willing plus having trust and acceptance is a core factor in helping us with our journey!

PLEASE NOTE: I help guide and support people using these tools and how I am guided / drawn to intuitively. I am not a fortune teller or someone who ‘reads’ the past or future. Working together is the key; being open and honest and willing to receive help and support. Plus the more specific we can be the more specific the support.

To book:

You can now book the most popular offerings online via Facebook or Instagram via the below button:

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Or Email Victoria at victoria@asktheangels.uk or text/call on 07768 962369

What are Angel / Oracle Cards?

Angel / Oracle Cards are a wonderful way to obtain guidance and 'check-in with the Universe and our guides.  They are gentle, direct in their approach to answers or guidance.  They can also help us with any obstables or blocks we may be facing or specific questions we have in relation to life.

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They can help in so many ways; below are examples:

  • Support with answering those important questions and provide guidance and support

  • Help answer any questions or current things on our mind

  • Perhaps point us into a direction we hadn’t necessarily considered

  • Help keep us in the present moment; focusing on that which is the most important for now

  • Maybe highlight something don’t really want to hear, but intuitively know we should be addressing/looking at

  • Help us to understand our life’s purpose and / or heal from emotional issues and pain

  • Manifesting our goals

  • Life Purpose

  • Healing from past hurts / issues

  • Relationship

  • Career

  • Tapping into our Inner strength and guidance

  • Self-confidence and self-belief

  • Dealing with challenging situations

  • Spiritual growth and connection


What I offer:

  • Face to Face Readings (at my home in Milton Keynes)

  • Email Readings


Using the Angel / Oracle Cards to obtain guidance and support from a Reading.  You can ask something specific or just obtain general guidance as needed to help you.

  • Angel / Oracle Card Reading

  • 1 hour or 30 minutes

  • Based in Milton Keynes

Price: £50 - 1 hour / £30 - 30 minutes



A special 12-card Angel / Oracle Card Reading for the year:

  • 1 card for each month to help with regards to focus, development and guidance or specific questions/guidance you want

  • PLUS additional Angel/Oracle Cards to support your Reading as guided

  • Angel / Oracle Card Reading (Emailed via PDF with photos of cards / Face to Face)

Price: £60

face to face reading plus reiki healing

Perfect way to obtain guidance and support from an Angel / Oracle Card Reading and then have Reiki Healing for re-balancing / healing.  Based in Milton Keynes.  Approximately 1/5 hours.

  • Angel / Oracle Card Reading

  • Reiki Healing

Price: £70 for approx 1.5 hours

email readings:

Perfect way to get a Readings if you aren't local or able to attend in person.  I will be using the Angel / Oracle Cards to obtain guidance and support from a Reading.  You can ask something specific or just obtain general guidance as needed to help you.

  • Personal Email Readings:

Price: £30 for equivalent to a 30 minute Reading or £50 for equivalent to an hour Reading


  • Please provide DOB, full name, the question you would like the Reading to focus on plus an email address to send the reading to

  • All readings are based on Victoria’s intuition and working with the Angels and Universal Energy

  • Various cards may be used to support the reading

  • Victoria will aim to reply within 24-48 hours from receiving the information

  • All readings are confidential and meant only for the email recipient; who must be at least 18 years old

  • NOTE: Readings are for entertainment purposes. Some questions may be deemed inappropriate and won’t be answered

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What people are saying about Ask the Angels.....

When I first started receiving daily Angel Cards from Victoria, I was a little skeptical. Would this be another horoscope-type thing you can read anything into? But when she did a reading for me, I was blown away - it hit all of the right buttons. Then, day after day, each card seemed to be speaking to me about exactly the right themes and issues. Extraordinary. Victoria’s comments and insights are amazing. I’m no longer skeptical.
— Steve, UK
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! Everything is spot on! Thank you so much! You are a great reader and you will help so many people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for the great reading! I am so amazed at how accurately you described my past! It was spot on. And my present is exactly as you put it as well. I am absolutely smitten! And I am not exaggerating at all!
— Tania M. Russia
Love love love what Victoria does. I had my first every Angel card reading with her recently and she opened my eyes to how things could be in life if I chose to do it and told me with lovely, guiding words. She’s brilliant at what she does, and I would thoroughly recommend her to all. Her calming nature is exactly what you need when hearing from the angels. Xxxx
— Rakhee
Ask the Angels have supported me in my journey on finding my next stage in life - Victoria is always very quick to respond extremely supportive and makes you trust the process and builds your confidence in listening to your angels messages.
— Sue, Northants

**NOTE: 24 hours cancellation notice is required if you are unable to keep the appointment; otherwise full payment may be required.**

Angel Cards are available for purchase along with other material; contact Victoria via victoria@asktheangels.uk for more details and to order

NOTE: Readings are for entertainment purposes.  It is for your guidance and not to tell you how to run your life as you have freewill.  Some questions may be deemed inappropriate and won’t be answered.