Why are we afraid of our light?

Why are we afraid of our light*?

*good things happening and our potential for greatness

So I just read this quote by the amazing Marianne Williamson and it got me thinking:

“It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us”

Why is that do you think?  My personal view and experience is that it’s a mixture of things.  I have listed these below; not in any particular order:

  • I am not deserving

  • I will be judged

  • I’m not good enough

  • I shouldn’t aspire for things ‘above my station'

  • What if I fail?

  • I am scared

  • What if I get it wrong?

  • I couldn’t really do that

  • I feel safer to stay where I am

  • What if I make a mistake and regret it?

  • I’m scared to be on my own (if in an unhappy/unhealthy/toxic relationship)

  • I don’t know what my ‘what’ is yet

  • Not sure how to go about it

  • Other people can do that, but not me!

  • I don’t have the necessary skills

  • I don’t have time

  • I’m not smart enough

  • My parents wouldn’t approve

  • My partner doesn’t support me

  • What if you don’t approve?

  • Money is an issue

  • What if I’m not ‘meant’ to do that, but something else?

I am sure you can add to this list; I certainly could add more things to it. 


We stay ‘safe’ (whatever that is) or in a place of limbo as we aren’t sure where to start or what to do.  I’m not saying that in order to be great or successful it has to be like my description.  Many people are happy with their ‘lot’ and super confident and believe in their abilities, however if we are afraid of our greatness and our light then it’s most likely because of some of the reasons I listed above or those that come to mind for you.

How best to proceed?

I think this is personal.  It depends on how much we want to explore the light and what the impact is for us. It also depends f we feel ready to or how much discomfort we are in making a change versus staying where we are or who we are with.

  • In my opinion, if preference is to move towards our light, but ‘the list’ is in your way then I would suggest starting with writing your list. Looking at the list and determining what’s actually real versus imagined or based on my ego or fear

  • Also dipping your toe in can be a start; it doesn’t need to be a massive leap and this is often less scary; can you start to make some changes by still staying in your current place?

  • Confiding in one or two close friends (ones that have your best interest at heart and that you trust) or the Angels (your equivalent) can be amazing help and support and guidance

  • ‘Our light’ doesn’t have to mean a huge career change, partner upgrade, leaving someone etc, it could just be showing up more for ourselves in a positive way. Thinking positive thoughts, saying positive things, believing in ourselves and our abilities. Allowing ourselves to grow and although sometimes painful digging into those darker places to help with a shift

  • Saying no and being OK with that

  • Moving on from toxic relationships

  • Is there a need to be more assertive?

  • Is there some self-exploratory work to do around acceptance, letting go or forgiveness potentially?

  • Know you deserve it!

  • Spend quiet time alone connecting with what your true heart’s desires are

  • Get a notebook and pen to write down any thoughts and ideas

  • Asking your Angels (or equivalent) to help you focus on what you NEED to versus your fears and those things you are out of control of

Today I am striving for my light to burn bright; not in an egocentric way, but because I know it’s my purpose and journey.  Although it’s sometimes a hint of grey and less often a darker hue I keep moving towards the light and less in the darkness.

I believe our journey is what is it.  We are where we are and that is perfect for now.  We are ready when we are ready.  However, one thing I feel is certain and essential for our life’s purpose to deliver the message we came here to deliver; if we aren’t exploring our light due to fear and choosing to sit in the comfort of the darkness then our own inner light is surely going to fade? 

What a shame that would be, for the world, but for ourselves.

Thank you for your time…sending lots of love!

Victoria xx