Self-love - 50 ideas!

I have been thinking about this a lot recently as I seem to have had a cough, cold or 'something' for a little while now. 

'Self-Love' or 'Self-Care'; we hear more and more and how important it is and it has really become an integral part of our well-being as spiritual and physical beings here on earth trying to deal with all the things that life and we throw at ourselves.

What does it mean?
Google defines it as "a regard for one's own well-being and happiness."  
Yes!  I love that.  For me, in order to be of service and support to others and function at my optimum level, it really is so important.  If I am not taking care of myself then 'things' start to happen to me / because of me:

  • I feel unwell / out of sorts
  • I react to situations and others; in an unloving way
  • I feel stressed / anxious
  • I struggle to control my emotions and how I deal with things
  • I don't always 'show up' as I would want to
  • I can fall into self-pity and selfish behaviour and thinking
  • I fall into negative thinking about myself, others and situations
  • I can't cope as well
  • I feel tired or lack energy
  • I can fall into self-sabotaging behaviour
  • I can 'use' other things to help me feel, spending money, alcohol, drugs etc
  • You can increase the list I am sure!

So does it mean I have to give myself a hug every day or is there more to it than that?
Well if that works for you then go for it.  That is definitely taking time for you. 

There are many things you can do; they don't have to be complicated, but it's important they feel right and work for you.  They could be as simple as just taking 10 minutes to meditate!  Or just connecting to your breathing for 5 minutes out of a busy day.
Here are 50 more ideas to help:

  1. Doing what’s best for ourselves – even if it upsets or offends others
  2. Speaking your truth – assertively (and lovingly of course)
  3. Not people-pleasing – just going along with something because you are worried about not being liked, approved of or excluded
  4. Looking at yourself in the eyes in the morning in the mirror and saying “I love you”
  5. Giving our body nurturing
  6. Carrying out Self-Reiki or connecting with a Reiki Healer
  7. Mediation
  8. Treatment exchange with a friend
  9. Speaking positively about ourselves – using loving and kind words
  10. Living a life that we love
  11. Eating and drinking well
  12. Knowing it’s OK to change our path if we aren’t happy
  13. Healthy relationships with people
  14. Knowing it’s OK to say no
  15. Spending quality time with ourselves
  16. Taking a class or course for ourselves
  17. Knowing you deserve love
  18. Loving ourselves unconditionally
  19. Having a bubble bath
  20. Painting your toe nails
  21. Taking ownership and responsibility for ourselves
  22. Allowing ourselves to dream big!
  23. Practising Mindfulness
  24. Quiet time to read a book
  25. Accepting that we are human and aren’t perfect – we are doing our best
  26. Setting boundaries if needed to protect or safeguard yourself
  27. Sit quietly without the TV on
  28. Having an early night
  29. Accepting help from someone if they offer it
  30. Saying thank you when you receive a compliment
  31. Sitting down even if everything that was on the ‘to do’ isn’t done
  32. Taking a walk outside an breathing in some lovely fresh air
  33. Staying true to our ethics and integrity
  34. Not blaming people for past actions – move on from it and forgive
  35. Forgiving ourselves
  36. Making time to laugh out loud
  37. Following what your intuition says
  38. Accepting ourselves just as we are right this very minute
  39. Say goodbye to any relationships that are toxic and unhealthy
  40. Be patient with yourself
  41. List at least 10 things each day that you are grateful for
  42. Write!  If you feel angry, scared, worried frustrated, confused....get a pad and pen and just write
  43. Let go of past hurts and forgive
  44. Be creative and express yourself – colouring books, painting, writing poems, dancing, singing or do a jigsaw
  45. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery
  46. Take a walk out in nature near water
  47. Walk barefoot in the grass
  48. Start making any changes that you know you should be making
  49. Stop for a moment and reflect on how far you’ve come
  50. Know that you are where you need to be on your journey – all is perfect and all is well

What are the benefits?

  • Relationships – better interactions with people around you.  Healthy and loving relationships with the people in your life that enrich and fill your life with goodness! 
  • Body – when you spend time with yourself carrying out acts of self-love then you will really grow to love yourself more.  What a beautiful place to be in…unconditional love for self.
  • Health & wellness - we feel better, less stressed and anxious.  This has a knock-on impact on our health and wellness. 
  • Peace – always striving for the place of serenity and peacefulness.  When we aren’t fighting, trying to control things or be fearful then we surrender to what is and can experience real calm and peace
  • Our journey – our purpose will become more illuminated for our time here on the physical earth and we can relax into our journey
  • Higher Connection – self-love helps take me out of ego and the separation from myself with a higher being (God, Angel, Divine however you prefer to call it) and connects me back to the source of one universe and one love
  • Trust & Intuition – Trusting myself and others and being able to hear my intuition and follow up
  • Contentment – moving to that place of feeling ‘full’ with happiness and fulfilled

Don’t forget:
We are responsible for ourselves!  No-one is going to make us do this.
Know that we deserve it and plan in time to do these things….it doesn’t need to take ages at all.  Take time to plan your diaries and schedule some time for yourself.
Additional support:

  • Free mediations to listen to are available online. One I would personally recommend is by Elizabeth Blaikie. Her website is:

Wishing you an amazing rest of your week and some self-love too!
Victoria xx