New Moon Rituals & Preparation

New Moon Phase

New Moon Phase

New Moon:

What's it about spiritually?
The New Moon is the most exciting part of the Moon Cycle.  It is about new beginnings and setting intentions; and when you can really start to manifest your dreams. 

Letting go that which does not serve on your spiritual path.  Also resting before new things enter and allowing the old to move on!  It is important to focus on what you DO want and NOT what you DO NOT want!

What's the best approach?
That's really up to you, but my preference is to do the following:

  • Light a candle and some incense

  • Choose a crystal that 'feels' good

  • Open up the book you write in (or get a piece of paper if you don't have a book)

  • Write 2 lists (writing is important on a New Moon):

    • What you want to let go of / release from your life

    • What you want to attract (your wishes) / bring into your life; your intentions

  • Spend some time thinking about it to set your intentions for the next phase of your life

  • Meditate & connect with your body and how you are feeling; cultivating that positivity

  • End with saying a prayer if this feels right

  • Now leave this with the Angels (or whoever you wish to) and trust!

Good luck!

Victoria xx