Are you all to everyone and not enough for yourself?

Have you lost the importance of yourself in all the ‘doing’? 

Are you all to everyone and not enough for yourself? 

Professor Cary Cooper, an occupational health expert at the University of Lancaster, recommends setting aside a couple of nights a week for some quality "me time".

Juggling all the different balls can be a challenge and can be stressful.   

The world we live in today is fast-paced and reactive with high expectations; from ourselves and others.  The constant pull to achieve all the goals and be the all singing all dancing person at the same time can be exhausting; leaving us to compromise the thing that ironically is the most important; time for ourselves!

Time that could make all the difference….see the study below:

A study carried out of 1,400 mothers reported they were 2.5 times more likely to report depressive symptoms after their baby was born. They found fewer than half of these mothers had time for themselves once or more a week and one in six never had any time to themselves.


The NHS recommends “having some me time” as one of successes to beating stress, anxiety and depression; along with other things such as “taking control”, “avoiding unhealthy habits” and “being positive”.


Have you considered Reiki?

How Reiki can help....

Each person is unique and so the experience will be, however some of the known benefits are:

  • Relaxation and grounding
  • Insomnia
  • Helps in stress reduction and promotes relaxation
  • Reduces anxiety and depression by changing your mood
  • Heals infections and inflammations
  • Support addiction & recovery
  • Improvements physically as well as psychologically
  • Healing from past issues
  • Providing clarity, spiritual growth and renewed focus
  • Support self-discovery, growth & development
  • Increased positivity & self-care
  • Help the body be in balance to increase fertility and pregnancy
  • Support during and post Pregnancy
  • Benefit women with cancer
  • Increases mobility in case of shoulder pain, wrist pain, lower back pain

What Reiki is....

Reiki (ray-key) literally translates to mean ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ in Japanese and is a form of healing. 

Reiki is given fully clothed in a quiet environment and is safe for adults, children, mothers–to–be and babies*.  A healing treatment that works holistically; whole body, mind & spirit.  It is an incredibly relaxing experience where the hands are placed on, or just above the body of the client; this can also be carried out by distance (remote) healing. 

The Reiki Healer (‘Conduit’) carrying out the session connects with the ‘Universal Life Force Energy’.  Each session as unique as it is designed to support the client with their healing process.  Re-energising the key Chakra points (Energy centres) of the body to provide healing energy where it’s needed.

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Make some time for some "me time"!