Grounding: Why it's important and Tips on how to do it!

What is Grounding?

Grounding is about balancing out the spiritual (mind) and physical energy in our bodies through an energetic connection with the Earth (Mother Earth, Gaia, the Energy below us...however you choose to call it). 

When we are grounded we feel more in the here and now; in the present moment; in the physical.  Rather than in our 'heads' and headspace and thoughts.

In my experience is it vital and so beneficial to our physical and mental wellbeing.

There is a great article on the importance of it via the following link that is interesting reading:


How do I know if I'm not Grounded?

  • You may just feel out of sorts
  • A little lightheaded
  • Fuzzy / unclear thinking
  • Unbalanced emotionally
  • Reactive
  • Getting cough/colds or generally feeling run down
  • Not being present or struggling to think/be in the here and now
  • Feel as though you are floating / not present in your body
  • Feel dizzy

Why is Grounding important?

It keeps us connected; aware of our thoughts and feelings and how these are impacting us and even allowing us to process them more effectively. 

Helps to keep things into perspective and in the present.

It also helps to keep us in a more balanced place which can then have a knock-on impact on our health and wellness (physical and mental).

If we are always in your head rather than connected with our body it is not good for our mental health and contributes greatly to stress and anxiety.

It is especially important for people working spiritually plus Healers, Mediums, Intuitives and other types of energy workers to practice these techniques to keep balanced; given the work they are doing with others. This is because you are being exposed to excess energies etc.

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Tips for Grounding:

I am sure there are many ways to Ground; however my experience is based on the below methods and approach:

Try the following Meditation:

  • Sit in a comfortable position; feet flat on the floor (preferably barefoot)
  • Close eyes or place gaze to the floor
  • Connect to your breath; focus on your in and your out breath
  • Observe any thoughts; non-judgementally and let them go
  • If you find yourself wandering then come back to focusing on your breath
  • Now gently scan your body starting with your head
  • Move from head to neck, shoulders, arms and fingers; chest, heart and tummy; moving down to the base of your spine; hips and legs and into your feet
  • Feel the sensation of your feet touching the floor and connecting to Mother Earth
  • Imagine now roots coming up from the Earth below you and wrapping around your feet, ankles and legs
  • Feel it pulling you down; grounding you and really connecting with you
  • Sit here for a few minutes; breathing and feeling that sensation of being pulled to Mother Earth and the connection of body, soul and spirit to all that is
  • Crystals: You can also use crystals to support grounding; my favourites are Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Jasper, Black Obsidian plus Amethyst which is a beautiful calming crystal
  • Energy work / Reiki Healing can also help
  • Get outside and connect: Go out for a walk outside - barefoot if you can and really connect with the Earth and the energy beneath your feet
  • Breath: - Connect to your breath and consciously breathe
  • Bath or Shower: - Take a bath with salt or oils / take a cooler shower and imagine all the 'stuff' being removed and reconnecting you to here and now
  • Tree: - stand like a tree / sit by a tree
  • Do a guided Meditation or Visualisation
  • Do some cleaning / housework
  • Eat something - root vegetables for example
  • Sing or Dance
  • Do some gardening

These are just some examples to help you get started!  Share any you may find useful in comments to help others!