Don’t wish it were easier….


"Never wish it were easier, wish you were better."

This quote is from the man with the silver tongue; Jim Rohn. Born Emanuel James "Jim" Rohn September 17, 1930; he was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

Jim Rohn mentored Mark Hughes; the founder of @herbalife and motivational speaker @tonyrobbins

I am grateful to have seen Jim speak live numerous times and was always extremely inspired and motivated to work on being a better person.

This quote is about taking ownership for yourself. Ownership for your growth and development; emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.

What would we learn if it was all plain sailing? If there were no opportunities to be better than we are? Wouldn’t we become stagnant; regress even?

This isn’t saying we aren’t good people!

Sometimes we may just want to wish for the world to slow down; for us to win the lottery; get a better job; meet our life-partner; for people to be different; earn more money or for it to just be easier

These are dreams and fantasies that people have. “If only”, “why can’t I just?” Etc

It’s at these times that we need to dig deep. To just show up; let alone to keep going and moving forward

However, experience shows me the more I keep pushing, moving forward, the more I embrace it, the easier it gets.

Then bingo! The things we didn’t find so difficult are then so much easier. Then we wonder what the worry was all about!

Then the miracle occurs….we can help others to do the same. Support our fellows to keep moving forward on this physical earth and the journey laid before us.

So we each have a choice….lay down and hope, pray even, for it to change and get easier. Or say “bring it on” and keep doing what it takes.

It may be a quick process or it might be slow, but it’s the progress that’s the key as this is where the learning, growing, developing and change occurs. Amen to that I say!

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Victoria K L Palmer