New Moon Eclipse in Cancer (Moonchild)

New Moon Eclipse in Cancer - Tuesday July 2nd 2019

New Moon Eclipse in Cancer - Tuesday July 2nd 2019

Tuesday July 2nd 2019

At 8.16pm UK time tonight there will be a New Moon Eclipse in Cancer (or 'Moonchild' as known by Yasmin Boland).

This is the first Solar eclipse of the season and New Moon eclipses are like New Moons on steroids!

While New Moons are traditionally about making wishes, casting spells and setting intentions; New Moon Eclipses are that and so much more. Plus it's in the super emotional sign of Cancer aided by communication planet Mercury going into a new retrograde....but fear not; we can instead work with it. New Beginnings and unexpected opportunities.

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer is all about family, food, comfort and security.

Taking some time out this evening is a wonderful opportunity; in partnership with the amazing Moon energies; to really stop, look at where you are and how you want things to change or move forwards and set Wishes and Intentions.

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Why are New Moons significant and what does it mean?

The New Moon is the most exciting part of the Moon Cycle. It is about new beginnings and setting intentions. This is when you can really start to manifest your dreams.

Letting go that which does not serve on your spiritual path. Also resting before new things enter and allowing the old to move on! It is important to focus on what you DO want and NOT what you DO NOT want.

What should you do?

Here’s what I am planning to do tonight:

  • Choose some crystals that resonate with me

  • Grab a pen and something to write on

  • Light a candle and some incense

  • Play some music that ‘feels’ right for me

  • Sit down in the moon energy outside

  • Sit for just a moment and call in my Guides/Support to help me

  • When it feels right pick up my pen and paper and write down what I want to release / let go of i.e. emotions, situations, hurts, fears, people, relationships, anger etc

  • Think about who I need to forgive (including myself)

  • BURN these 2 lists (Release and Forgiveness)

  • Write down what I WANT in my life (assuming they are for the highest good of all)

  • Write some intentions/actions to go with the ‘Wants’

  • Write down 5 things I am grateful for

  • Sit, with the music and the energies, and ‘release’ these to the Moon, letting go of any expectation of outcome/timings/how

  • Trust in the process and relinquish control

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Wishing you well and hoping this supports you!

Much love,


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