Perfectly Imperfect….


I am not perfect! No Mary Poppins here. 

It’s taken some time to accept that. Some time to know that it’s not only ok, but unrealistic to strive for perfect!

I am dealing with life and situations the best way I can given where I am on my journey at that time. 

Sometimes that’s difficult as Emotions come up; past ‘stuff’, fears, ego etc. 

These can manifest in anger, detachment, frustration, disappointment, sadness plus other emotions. 

We may have been hurt, had things happen beyond our control or made some bad decisions....

In my experience there will be times when we need to process that; to ride the emotional ups and downs in order to come out the other side and back to an equilibrium. 

Sometimes it might be necessary to share that process and other times it isn’t appropriate; it isn’t anyone’s business, but yours and “God’s” (as you understand God)

That will be understood and accepted or not.

You may be judged or not. 

None of that is in your control or your stuff to deal with


Show up, with integrity and honesty and know that it’s perfect as it is. 


Happy Tuesday Beautifully Perfect Imperfect Being♥️

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Victoria K L Palmer