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"If you are looking for a comprehensive, insightful, inspiring & eloquent reading then Victoria is a must for you to connect with; the reading was a pleasure to listen to & unfolded so naturally. The Reiki session that followed was a flow of energy that clearly came from a devoted heart & a blessed soul. The insight & feedback is unmatched in my opinion.  Next session in the diary before I left.
Thank you Victoria."


Victoria K L Palmer:  Founder of Ask the Angels

Victoria K L Palmer:
Founder of Ask the Angels

About Victoria; Founder of Ask the Angels

Hi!  My name is Victoria.  I am a Spiritual Coach & Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. 

I specialise in Reiki Healing and Teaching, Angel / Oracle Card Readings, Development and supporting people with their journeys here on this physical earth. I run Workshops, Training courses and Gatherings.

I first got interested in Tarot & Angel Cards in the early '90s and have been working with them ever since.  I now work with Angel /Oracle Cards as they have a beautiful energy and are a recognised and trusted way of connecting to the Angels and Guides. 

Our life's purpose is to be at peace and Angels can help us with this.  They guide us on our journeys through this physical life...providing we ask for help!  If we show up and are willing; we then don't have to worry about 'how' or 'when' it will happen as this will be taken care of.

I am passionate about helping using a holistic approach; working with various tools.  So if you are feeling stuck, frustrated, out of sorts or just in need of some guidance then get in touch!

Get in touch!

PLEASE NOTE: I help guide people using tools and how I am drawn to intuitively. I am not a fortune teller or someone who ‘reads’ the past or future. Working together is the key; being open and honest and willing to receive help and support. Plus the more specific we can be the more specific the support.

My background and courses: 


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Spiritual Coach of the Year 2018 - South England

Ask the Angels; winner of 'Spiritual Coach of the Year 2018' Award for South England with the

GHP Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2018.

Ask the Angels - Winner 2018

Ask the Angels - Winner 2018

Comments from Victoria K L Palmer; Founder

"I was absolutely stunned to find out in January this year that I had been nominated for 'Spiritual Coach of the Year 2018' Award for South England with the   When I was then contacted in March to say I had won I COULD NOT believe it.  Thank you SO MUCH to those that nominated me for this Award; I am so grateful and humbled.

I started Ask the Angels in 2015 to help others and because I was guided to make a major life-change.  It was a scary decision to take this leap of faith, but every ounce of me knew it was the right thing to do.  I have just really started this journey; this journey that is ever evolving.  I am so excited to continue to trust and to allow it to unfold.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your support!"